Greetings Traveler!

Welcome to the official site of Evans Lodge No. 524—Ancient Free & Accepted Masons.

At Evans, we are constantly learning and teaching the concepts of brotherly love, relief and truth while striving to demonstrate our craft through fellowship, compassion and concern for others by serving God, family, neighbors, and country. We find that all men share common concerns and hopes as they travel through life from youth to old age and that men who have been made Masons throughout the centuries have found that in joining the fraternity they have made no less than the best decision of their lives. Masonry seeks to facilitate the fraternity of good men striving together to become better men by application of our ancient and universal principles and with the support of their fellow man.

Keeping ‘square’ with one of the missions of Freemasonry, we will be using this site to promote our way of life, binding like-minded men together in a world-wide brotherhood that transcends religious, ethnic, cultural, social and educational backgrounds.

We invite you to learn and experience more about this Masonic journey. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm for dinner at the Evanston Masonic Temple, located at 1453 Maple Avenue in Evanston, Illinois. At 7:30pm, we hold our stated monthly meetings.  We invite you to come join us for dinner and take a tour of the Evanston Masonic Temple.